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In accordance with paragraph 5 of Resolution Government of the Russian Federation No. 1036 of 15 August 1997



In order to ensure a comfortable and safe time, please read the rules of the visit.  


1. The fact of visiting the restaurant-club "Monaco" implies the automatic consent of the visitor (guest) with these rules. The order of any services implies the consent of the visitor to these rules and the visitor is deprived of the right to subsequently refer to his uninformed.  

2. All rules and conditions are binding and unified for all visitors.  

3. In the restaurant-club "Monaco" there are systems "FaceControl" (FC, face control) and "DressCode" (DC, dress code).

4. In the restaurant-club "Monaco" is video surveillance.   

5. The administration of the restaurant-club "Monaco" has the right to request an identity document (passport, military ticket) to confirm the age of the visitor (according to the Order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Minpromtorg Russia) of April 15, 2011 No. 524 Moscow " On approval of the List of identity documents and allowing to establish the age of the buyer of alcoholic beverages, which the seller is entitled to demand in case of doubt in the attainment of this buyer by an adult I ") and non-compliance to restrict access to the restaurant-club visitor.

6. In the event that the rudeness and insult of service personnel or other visitors is revealed on the part of the visitor (the group of visitors), the administration has the right to send this visitor (a group of visitors), having previously taken money for ordered food / drinks.

7. The following persons are not admitted to the restaurant-club "Monaco":

  • under the age of 21;
  • in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
  • aggressively behaving towards other guests or staff;
  • Consumers of alcoholic drinks near the entrance to the restaurant-club;
  • inclined to the use or distribution of narcotic substances (in the opinion of the administration);
  • inclined to commit unlawful acts against the guests, staff or property of the restaurant club (in the opinion of the administration);
  • in the following clothes and shoes: working (overalls), beach, sports, service, torn, dirty. Also persons are not allowed in the headgear. 

    The exception is clothing and footwear for thematic events;
  • with animals.

8. Purchased tickets entitle to a one-time visit to the Club. All visitors at the entrance put on their bracelets on their wrists and wear them throughout their stay at the restaurant-club "Monaco". A guest who does not have this bracelet will be asked to re-pay the entrance or leave the institution. Wearing bracelets in your pocket or other parts of your body other than your wrist is not allowed. When leaving the restaurant club territory, the entrance bracelet must be removed from the wrist and must be handed over to the employee of the internal control service.

9. The restaurant-club "Monaco" has a deposit system for booking tables. To borrow a table without paying a deposit is prohibited. The cost of the deposit is established by the administration. Visitors have the right and the opportunity to reserve a table in advance. If the reserved table is not busy at the appointed time or if a delay warning is not received, the administration has the right to transfer the reserve to another visitor.

10. Cash payments in the restaurant-club are carried out only in Russian rubles.

11. Visitors to the restaurant club are required to comply with the requirements of the administration and the internal control service, and not to interfere with the work of the staff.

 12. In the restaurant-club "Monaco" it is forbidden:

  • carry, distribute and use narcotic and psychotropic substances;
  • carry weapons, stabbing and cutting objects, as well as other types of protective equipment (gas cartridges, shockers, etc.);
  • carry spirits and food;
  • produce unauthorized photo and video footage;
  • to be in outer clothing and with large-sized things;
  • violate public order and the calm of other visitors;
  • damage the property of the restaurant-club;
  • play in the restaurant-club room in gambling (cards, backgammon, etc.);
  • be with glassware and drinks on the dance floor of the club, on the entrance stairs and in the elevators;
  • To make dishes outside the restaurant-club "Monaco";
  • sit on the railings of fences;
  • to rise on a stage (an exception - under the invitation of the leader);
  • enter the office premises;
  • undress on the dance floor;
  • smoking;
  • sleep;
  • make changes to the interior (place flags, banners, etc., including on tables)

13. In case of violation of these rules, the administration reserves the right to:

  • to make video recording of the intruder;
  • Remove the offender from the territory of the Club without refunding the cost of the entrance ticket and / or deposit at the table;
  • to establish in relation to the offender a ban on further (subsequent) visits to the club;
  • when the damage caused to the Club property by the visitor is collected from the culprit, its full value according to the conflict-menu.

14. Being in the territory of the restaurant-club "Monaco", the visitor automatically gives his consent to participate in photo and video shooting and use of these materials for placement in photos and video reports about parties; video, television and radio broadcasts or publications in the press and social networks. The visitor has the right to receive their photos electronically (via e-mail or through the personal message service in social networks), provided they are published on the Club's website and in groups in social networks. At the request of the visitor, the issue of deleting photos from published photo reports may be considered, provided that the visitor's image is the main subject of the survey.

15. The leader or the DJ have the right to refuse to order congratulations or other calls to the club's guests through a microphone or other means of warning.

16. The administration of the restaurant-club "Monaco" is not liable for lost, left unattended or forgotten personal belongings, as well as clothes (things) issued for a lost wardrobe room or for things in pockets of clothes and bags (bags and other packaging), handed to the wardrobe.

17. Administration of the restaurant-club "Monaco" is not responsible for the integrity (integrity) of food and drinks left on tables, bar or cocktail counters.

18. The holding of various activities on the territory of the restaurant club "Monaco" by the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement agencies is carried out in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the legislative acts of the Russian Federation. The administration is notified about holding such events in advance.

19. To use the first aid kit, you should contact the administration or security representatives.

 20. In accordance with the current conflict-menu in the institution, visitors may be penalized:

  • Cleaning through the fault of the client (deliberately spilled drinks, fallen food, glued chewing gums, etc.) - 500 rubles;
  • Compensation of the cost of lost property (wardrobe room) - 200 rubles;
  • Drinking beverages in the karaoke zone - 200 rubles (with the subsequent elimination of the violation).

An unlimited number of penalties may be imposed on one visitor. A full list of penalties is in the conflict-menu with the administrator.

The visitor can replace the equipment at his own expense for the same, instead of the broken (damaged), previously leaving a deposit in the amount of the cost of the equipment. In case of refusal to pay a fine for the damage caused, as well as in case of non-compliance with the rules of conduct, the administration has the right to terminate the service, make calculations, refuse further maintenance, call the police officers.

21. All visitors are responsible for deliberate or unintentional damage to property according to the conflict-menu.

22. Sale of alcoholic beverages is made in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

23. The restaurant club administration is not responsible for the integrity (integrity) of smartphones and other portable electronics (gadgets) left for charging the battery. Also, the administration is not responsible for any technical problems associated with charging the batteries, including for failures on the visitors' devices themselves.

24. In order to avoid conflict situations, the calculation for meals and drinks ordered on tables is obligatory for visitors to carry out directly with the waiter. It is forbidden to leave payment for the order in the folder-account and leave the institution without paying directly to the waiter.

25. Internet access is provided through the WI-FI network in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. If necessary, the restaurant club administration has the right to request an identity document to identify the user of the WI-FI network, in accordance with applicable law. The restaurant club administration is not responsible for the disconnection or interruptions of the WI-FI network, which are left to the operator's discretion. The restaurant club administration has the right at its discretion to restrict access to the WI-FI network, or completely disconnect this network.

26. Administration and staff of the restaurant club are not responsible for the integrity (integrity) of smartphones and other portable electronics (gadgets) left for charging the battery. Also, the administration is not responsible for any technical problems associated with charging the batteries, including for failures on the visitors' devices themselves.