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Conditions for granting discounts on the discount card "MONACO"


1. Each card has a unique identification number.

2. The card gives the right to (1) once to use the indicated discount for the company no more than 4 (four) people. When you visit the institution of more than 4 people card does not work. The number of people in the company is determined by the maximum amount in the current visit to the institution or by the actual amount at the time of invoicing (at the discretion of the administration).

3. When using the card is withdrawn. The card must be presented before payment.

4. The card is valid "to bearer".

5. Discount on the card applies to meals and drinks from the current menu (except for alcoholic beverages).

6. The discount on the card is not summed up with other discounts and promotional activities (actions), operating in the restaurant-club "MONACO". The cardholder has the right to use the highest discount.

7. Discounts do not apply during the pre-New Year's corporate parties (from December 16 to December 31) and on New Year's Eve.

8. When you receive a card as a prize at contests held directly in the restaurant-club "MONACO", you can use the discount card not earlier than 20.00 the next day (the next "club day").

9. These conditions are not final. Cardholders are encouraged to periodically check these terms, the current edition of which is published on the site www.monacoclub.ru.